Self storage in Edmonds WA

Auto Storage 

We understand that you have made a big investment in your vehicle and it is important for you to find a quality storage facility that is conveniently located. We offer our customers outdoor vehicle storage spaces as well as large, indoor units to keep those special vehicles well protected.

Relax, We've Got You Covered!

  • Storage units and outdoor parking for your vehicle
  • Motorcycle storage
  • Large aisles for easy access
Auto storage available at Stor-Eze
Find out about the benefits of auto storage at Stor-Eze

Benefits of Indoor Vehicle Storage:

  • Protection from sun and weather
  • Protection from paint oxidation
  • Protects tires from sun damage
  • Prevents rainwater build-up
  • Protection from wheel rust
  • Extends time between detailing
  • Extends rubber roof life & reduces required maintenance
  • Prevents water and chemical spotting
  • Prevents intrusion of rodents, birds or insects
  • Helps retain your resale value